Fish Mama: Affordable Cozy to the (Robata Roasted) Bone

I’ve been seeking a little comfortable won’t-break-the-bank Japanese eatery since my beloved liu ben mu closed years ago and haven’t really managed to stumble upon the magic place… until a few months ago that is, when I found Fish Mama
I don’t quite remember how i got to it but it must have been through browsing the usual suspects then following a few links left and right, either way, I did get there and I don’t regret it.

This little piece of cozy heaven is hiding in chaoyang lu, at the entrance of the Great China Mall. They used to have a branch on dong daqiao lu that I never had the chance of trying but alas, you can’t miss what you didn’t have. As soon as you get into the restaurant, you can’t help but notice the robata grill taking center stage or getting your nostrils titilated by the aromas of roasted meats. It also helps that the staff is some of the friendliest i’ve encountered in town.

I’m not sure how many points the place will get for authenticity but the stuff they do tastes -for the most part- amazingly good. I’ve had Japanese meals that cost 4 or 5 times more without being anywhere near as good. Their Udon noodles seem to be a popular pick but what I really like is their grilled goodies: Flounder, Mackerel, chicken wings, tendons and other straight-from-the-robata specialties.

The place has decent cuts of salmon sashimi along with a couple of roll options that are ridiculously priced in the grand scheme of things.. and let’s not forget their lovely gingko nuts as they are addictive in their own right.

Everyone has their requirements for comfort food… as far as Japanese comfort food goes, Fish Mama just does it for me. They give me everything I ask for with a smile and that is what i call comfort! I can’t vouch for their authenticity but trust me on the good taste! Over a couple of visits already, the only dish that didn’t manage to hit the spot was the tepanyaki beef unfortunately but oh well…. I’ll stick to the fish and chicken! and maybe a little octopus with some seaweed.

Another thing I’ve loved about the place is that it’s decently busy but it never gets too loud for conversation, making a perfect location for a date or just a quiet little meal to catch up with friends away from a bar.

A meal for 2 won’t even run you 200 RMB including sake… can’t beat that!

Fish Mama 鱼匠
Chāoyáng qū dōng dàqiáo lù37hào lóu
+86 10 8561 5367

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