Most Popular Beijing Street Snack Shops With The Longest Queues.

When the Chinese like something, they really really do and that applies to street food as much as anything else… today making the rounds on the Chinese media is a list of top 6 street food joingst in Beijing with the LONGEST queues as a testament to their quality! Let’s see what these guys do!

6- 李记传统清真小吃店 Li Ji Traditional Muslim Snack Shop

The sesame buns in this hidden corner of Haidian have people queuing up daily. Although not as impressively long as the others, this out of the way snack shop apparently has some rabid followers. The buns are soft and crispy, much like those of many other shops but this one seems the most popular.

5- 文宇奶酪店 Wen Yu Cheese Sop

It’s more like Yoghurt but that what they call cheese around here. This shop tucked in Nanluoguxiang is indeed amazingly popular with locals and tourists alike. The taste is somewhere between a plain yogurt and a cottage cheese. quite tasty! It’s a bit sweet, creamy and not too sour that can be had plain or with fruits, flakes etc…

4 – 福瑞林西点(地安门店) Fú ruì lín xīdiǎn (di’ānmén diàn)

Yet another time honored band of…. western style pastries…. this shop on di’anmen has probably 2 or 3 times the traffic of their other branches. They make all kinds of pastries like egg tars, coconut puffs and other cute tiny snacks that the locals have fallen in love with.

3- 老头猪蹄猪肘 Lǎotóu zhūtí zhūzhǒu

This is actually not a shop but a cart selling some really popular pig feet/elbows. As far as I can understand it, the gentleman makes two batches a day and they get sold out pretty fast with lines running around the street where he is.
The guy is so good he actually has a dianping page for a stall

2- 秋栗香 Qiū lì xiāng

Chestnuts baby… this little shop in di’anmen also is pretty much mobbed by the masses all freaking day long. I’ve been hearing about it since i came to Beijing and they have been kicking ass forever. Legend has it that someone once queued so long for their bag of chestnuts they almost froze to death before their turn came. ouch…. you ain’t gonna find me doing that! K has had those babies a few times and maintains there is nothing super special about them… go tell that to the masses though

drum roll please… el gradissimo of them all, the place where you might grow an afro while waiting in line is:

1-山东呛面馒头店 Shāndōng qiāng miàn mántou diàn

This little GuLou shop sells shandong style steamed bread (mantou) of both the simple and stuffed varieties. I believe they were featured on the Beijinger blog not too long ago and rightfully so. At the time, Tom O’malley said that waiting in line was a great opportunity to get a Chinese lesson but don’t expect the mantou to change your life (maybe not in those exact words)… locals beg to differ and love the hell out of this thing. It is THE must have snack in Beijing and you should lower your head in shame if you haven’t been there yet.. that would be me too. They’ve gotten so popular they had to limit the number of Mantou one can buy at a time to 60… take that iPhone.

See the original post on yahoo China:

Pictures Credit to Dianping & Yahoo China

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