Man Fu Lou: Still one Beijing’s Hidden Dining Hot Pot Gems

I’ve mentioned how I’m not really a hot pot fan but i do make a few exceptions here and there with Man Fu Lou 满福楼大酒店 being my go to place for 铜锅涮羊肉 (Tóng guō shuài yángròu) or copper pot lamb. One of my earliest write ups of this place was back in 2009 but i have consistently gone there since 2006 and i don’t see a reason to stop.
Here is the old review for reference: Man Fu Lou 满福楼 Review

Pretty much everything that was said on that review still stands true. The place delivers outstanding service, excellent Hot Pot with quality ingredients and still has an air of authenticity about it that many places lack.It is still one of my go-to options whenever i have out of town visitors. The individual copper pots are a beautiful concept that i wish more places copied.

Last night’s meal was a bit special as I’m going through a cleansing detox in my diet so I couldn’t over indulge on meats and strange ingredients. I was pretty much limited to the usual fatty lamb, lots of greens, radish, some tofu and the like but it was very much filling and just as enjoyable as a regular meal there. I have to make a note to myself to return sooner than later for a little taste of their chuanr which i could indulge in this time around.

As i was saying to K-hua yesterday, I love going back to a restaurant where i had a great experience and find out that they’re still just as good if not better. This is one such case! Keep in mind this is not a run of the mill dining option either, the restaurant has been around for over 20 years in Beijing ( no small feat) and is not cheap. expect to pay about 80 to 100 RMB pp depending on the order…. trust me, it will be worth it!

Man Fu Lou 满福楼涮羊肉
Xi Cheng Qu DianMenNei Dajie 38 Hao
Tel: 010-6403-0992

One thought on “Man Fu Lou: Still one Beijing’s Hidden Dining Hot Pot Gems

  1. I visited Beijing in October 2012. On my first night in Beijing my guide took me to Man Fu Lou for dinner. I had never had or even heard of hotpot cooking before and didn’t know what to expect. What a wonderful surprise! The variety of fresh meats, fish, vegetables and noodles was awesome. We each had our own individual copper pot to boil the food in and a bowl of delicious sauce to dip the cooked food in. The waitress came around frequently to skim the froth from the pot and refill it with water. The menu was huge and written entirely in Chinese script but there were plenty of pictures so I was able to just point to what I wanted. Everything was delicious. In fact, even though I was in Beijing for only 5 nights, I ate there 3 of them. If you are visiting Beijing and have never tried hotpot before, I highly recommend Man Fu Lou.

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