State of the Jing: Where have all the food bloggers gone?

Man.. there was a time where the inter webs was bursting with Beijing based food bloggers sharing their experience about restaurants in the city. I fondly remember the beautiful pictures from Beijing Hao Chi, the great posts on Hawberries and Kumquats, Eileen Eats etc… just to name a few. Of course, I’m just as guilty of having neglected the scene.

Blame business, blame work, blame life, blame tons of things… either ways, according to foursquare, my restaurant of the year for the past two years is pretty much a tie between Xiao Yu Shan and Traktir.

Now, after 10 years in the mainland, I’m bound to have favourites but is that it? no other exciting places to go try out anymore? My own favs have been seriously neglected and I can’t even remember the last time i set foot in Na Jia Xiao Guan for example.

Sure, living around the corner from ghost street makes it harder to go far from home but that’s no excuse.. my stomach still craves adventures and I seem to get them when i travel outside of the city. It’s time to get back to having adventures in the city again. Starting now…

One thought on “State of the Jing: Where have all the food bloggers gone?

  1. I had wondered the same thing! I recently started a blog at, mostly aimed at where to find ingredients and how to use the ingredients you can find when cooking at home. I’m adding in some restaurant meal reviews and dishes to eat while traveling, but as I said, it was started recently, Luckily, I have this blog and others like Hawberries and Kumquats to refer back to!

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