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May 2020 Update

Homemade Carbonara

When i started this blogging adventure, I was just craving interesting food in my adoptive city of Beijing. I was far away from being an expert but i did try and find every hidden restaurant and learn more about the cuisine.

Then I got into the game again and opened my own bars and restaurants in the city.

At some point, i went from “biased opinionated jerk writer” to “award winning biased opinionated jerk writer.” Mind you, the awards were not for my writing.

Now the Beijing adventure is finished and a new chapter starts in the land of pasta.

The journey continues.


Update: February 2014

A few days ago, my lady and I were looking desperately for something Chinese and new to try out.
We went through the usual options and really left disappointed. It was the kick in the ass I needed to try and get these cobwebs out of here and get back to writing about Chinese food again.. it’s as much for me as it is for everyone else!

Truth be said, the last 2 years, I’ve eaten more Russian food than anything else when going out! and it’s aggravating. So here’s promising that there will be new things going on on the noodle diaries from now on.

Even if it is revisiting old classics.

In the Beginning:


This is just an attempt to retrace the steps of my stomach’s journey in the middle kingdom, with a big emphasis on noodles which I am addicted to. So, welcome all fellow noodleheads to tag along for the ride 🙂

I’ll probably get around to adding more stuff to this page sooner or later but for now, I’d rather use my time eating and posting as often as i can.

Unfortunately, it seems like i have less and less time available for that but I’m not giving up…


The Noodlehead

One thought on “The Noodlehead

  1. Just stumbled upon your Noodle blog and there never can be enough ‘oodles of noodles’, beautiful food photo’s too. While I quickly browsed through your Blog I noticed that you actually do follow local people and their streets, not afraid to eat what you see and try:)). For a change showing different noodle dishes, which names an average foreigner hasn’t seen or heard about. I’m a big fan of hawker food the best way to learn and discover a region, country and get in touch with local population. I’m enjoying reading it and the pics are making me hungry.

    Keep it up!

    RongHua Ching
    Leiden, The Netherlands

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