smart cereals… finally!

some folks love breakfast and others might even argue that it is the most important meal of the day! Hey, who knows, they might be right after all and I’ll definitely agree when it comes to the breakfast of champions, aka a cup of coffee and a cigarette (not necessarily in that particular order). That said, every so often, a good bowl of cereals goes a long way. With me particularly, the box of cereals end up going a very long way! heck, that way is long enough for it to make it to the trash can after a few months because it just went all stale on me. There used to be 2 solutions to this particular problem:
1- eat cereal more regularly.
2- stop eating cereals.
Gee… what kind of choice is that? black or white? how about some grey man? throw me a bone here!!!

Kellogg’s apparently implanted some device in my brain and heard my silent laments about the issue! I just wish their device was smart enough to send a note back that they had found a better solution:

My frosties now come in a box and inside the box are individually sealed 1-portion baggies perfect for yours truly!!! how about that!!! I’m not really sure if they’re doing this anywhere else in the world other than China but it’s definitely a keeper. The beautiful thing is that they’re not charging an arm and a leg for this. The box was less that 20RMB at your friendly neighborhood Walmart which makes a heck of a lot more sense than the 40RMB or 60RMB brands that will just go into my pantry to die.

Here’s one for you Kellogg’s! thanks!!!

2 thoughts on “smart cereals… finally!

  1. I hate these.
    how could you like them? I need a whole box when I eat cereal – and this box comes with like 8 grams of cereal, seriously? more expensive then drugs! And then there’s all that wasted plastic. F kelloggs!

    1. to each their own 🙂 They work for me because my breakfast is usually coffee and cigarettes. On the off chance I feel like having something else, I’ll pop open a bag and they’ll be fresh. I stopped buying cereals for a long time because they’d just go stale and i end up throwing them away… if I were to eat them more often, it’d be a different story

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