Kashgar provincial restaurant revisited: One Xinjiang to Rule them all

This past saturday, after failing to locate the no-longer-there Dunhuang Shifu, I rerouted the troops towards the Kashgar Representative Office Restaurant 喀什饭庄 (map) as they had never been there. That was all the excuse I needed to get my hands on some Chuan’r, dapanji and other mouth watering goodies.


The restaurant was busier than last time with most of the tables on the first floor occupied but were able to get a table for 10 without any problem. A quick glance at the menu reminded me of their extensive selection of meats and veggies, not to mention all the bazaaresue goodies in the stalls.

picture doesn't do the feast justice
picture doesn't do the feast justice

We managed to get some polo (xinjiang rice with meat) before they ran out and ordered the mandatory chuan’r (kebabs), da pan ji ( spicy chicken over noodles), tudou niurou (stewed beef n potatoes) along with a slew of other dishes!

perfect polo... not too greasy, just right
perfect polo... not too greasy, just right

While everything was great, the highlight of the evening had to be the dapanji along with with the baozi.. those two just stood out and delivered.

beef, potatoes, eggplant.... make the world go round
beef, potatoes, eggplant.... make the world go round

The Dapanji especially was balanced in its spiciness with meaty chicken cuts along with the mandatory hand pulled noodles at the bottom of the dish which is how the Uighurs intended for it to be! I didn’t remember it standing out so much last time

nom nom nom... da pan ji
nom nom nom... da pan ji

This time around, the service was also fantastic! The staff was friendly and available which is not always the case in provincial restaurants. An even bigger better surprise was that when they forgot our roast lamb and we asked for it to be canceled, they didn’t argue or whatsoever.. they understood that they had taken too long and it was all cool! usually, they fight to the death for their right to serve you that last forgotten dish.

The meal, which as usual was absurdly diverse, rich and varied cost the grand total of 400 RMB for about 10 people and that was quite some pigging out that we did! We could have easily fed 12 or 14 and were quite thankful they forgot the lamb leg in the end.

Yes, it’s a bit off the beaten path but ladies and gents, this place knows their food and rocks my socks! The first time around, I fell in love with them but after this second visit, I’m ready to stand up and shout out loud that It is officially THE BEST Xinjiang restaurant in Beijing… I still love crescent moon and the urumqi one but I’m willing to wait an extra 10mn in a taxi to get to my promised land.

Kashgar Restaurant 喀什饭庄 (map)
Niu Jie (Inner SW 2nd Ring Rd) 60 Pen’er Hutong 牛街西南二环内宣武区盆儿胡同60号.
Off of Baizhifang E. St; off the east end of Wanshou Park 白纸坊东街的北方;万寿公园东门对面
Tel: (10) 63582243

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