3 Guizhou Ren: Still Standing Strong

3 Guizhou Ren is one of those names that have been around Beijing for as long as I’ve lived here and went through ups and downs with popularity, especially with their gongti branch that used to be open 24/7. I’ve always appreciated their mix of art, guizhou food, and class.. a rare mix in Beijing back in those days!

now, with bigger and fancier restaurants opening all over the city, it seems like the good 3 Guizhou Ren have taken a back seat and is slowly going along for the ride… I must admit i completely forgotten about the place until an impromptu company dinner a few weeks back brought them to my memory.

We went in with a group of ten on a weekday to the jianwai SOHO branch where i had not been for a very long time.. I’m glad we did! The prices that seemed a tad bit high a few years ago were now perfectly in line with Beijing standards.. heck, one could argue that they were slightly underpriced but don’t go telling them that.

The menu also boasted a decent selection of imported wines and beers at reasonable prices… I had nothing to complain about. We picked an Argentinian malbec for around 150 that might handle dancing with the spice goodness from Guizhou.

As far as dishes go, we did run the gamut with a cacophony of tastes and structures from mint salad to boiled fish, going through roasted lamb, frog hotpot and the likes. On the veggie side, the eggplant rocked the table’s socks.. perfect texture, nice spice leaving us all asking for more.

A second visit feels mandatory at this point so that I can spend more time checking out the menu and refamiliarizing myself with those guys. Unfortunaly, most of their easy access branches have shut down with Jianwai Soho the closest one. Other branches are in Zongguancun and Wangjing! .

3 Guizhou Ren 三个贵州人
1-2/F, Bldg 7, Jianwai SOHO,

On Dianping | City Weekend | The Beijinger

Worth the trip IMHO…

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