Cheap Eats: Peanut Flavored Beef Noodles Across from Gongti

One thing we are blessed with in Beijing is tons and tons of holes in the wall that look like nothing but have some amazing delights on offer. It can be a noodle shop, and ice cream parlor, a tea shop or whatever. This Cantonese eatery across the street from the east gate of the worker’s stadium is one.

We ended up there with my capoeira group late Tuesday night based on the premise of cheap and good wonton (hundun) 馄饨 which the shop did have but i didn’t feel like. What I did have was one of the more intriguing beef noodles i’ve eaten in a while:

On the menu, this was simply referred to as 牛腩版面 (beef noodles).. they were anything bu average beef noodles though. The beef cuts were generous and tender, the sauce a balanced mix of beef broth with peanuts and the whole thing was covered with some sort of relish. Pretty darn good mix folks, especially for RMB12.
Trust me when i say that the picture from my iphone does not do the noodles justice! They tasted awesome!

The owner/manager looked like a pimpled kid with heavy Cantonese accent so it’s a bit hard to communicate. However, there are enough pictures on the wall and a good enough menu to get by.

福建沙县营养小吃 – Fújiàn shā xiàn yíngyǎng xiǎochī

gōng tǐ dōng lù jiǎ 3-6 hào zhì shèng kuàijié jiǔdiàn dàtáng cè (jìn gōngrén tǐyùchǎng dōng mén)
Basically the little street opposite gongti east gate.

Gonna have to get back there and try the deserts which the shop is apparently famous for

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