My Last Meal in Beijing: Musings and Thoughts.

A few weeks ago, The Beijinger approached me for an piece about my last meal in Beijing. I had seen a few of their previous articles in that series that they dubbed “Last Orders” and picked up a few pointers on places I wanted to try in the future.

When it came to writing about my last meal, it ended up being a lot tougher than expected: so many great places with amazing dishes making it incredibly difficult to pick just one! Being the greedy bastard that I am, I decided no to limit myself to just one place but go for as many as i could fit in while making sure it was representative of what I love about Beijing.. You can read the results on The Beijinger blog:

hindsight 20/20, everything I wrote still applies except maybe the part about the Beggar’s Chicken at Wu Ming Ju. A recent visit was less than thrilling and made me seriously reconsider that place and their offerings. Sure, they’re still pretty good but having gone through a few 100 Chinese meals since then, I don’t see them as being so special.. at least not special enough to be worthy of said meal!

Still, all the items in that interview are pretty memorable and I can’t think of a better way to out of this town.. the alternative would be chuanr on the side of the road with some er guo tou.

what’s would be your last meal?

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