Quick Stirs: Best Beijing Ducks, Medicinal Cuisine, Dumplings and Manchuria

It’s been slightly busy in noodle land getting ready to take off down south and play with Koalas so I haven’t found the time to sit down and write up the last few restaurants I tried. Still, others have managed to find the time for write ups so let’s see what you might have missed on the foodie front this week:

Dumplings are the new wings apparently and we never get tired of them! City Weekend did a cool little write up on Mr. Shi’s dumplings (link), another one of Gulou’s hidden gems. This little hole in the wall has been getting rave reviews form locals and foreigners alike which doesn’t happen much on the low cheap spectrum of things. Check out the review and go try it out for yourself. I’ll be doing that soon!

The Beijinger dispatched Foodie buddy, Tom O’malley to Na Jia Xiao Guan to write up a Back For More Column (link). By the sounds of it, good old NaJia is still kicking ass and taking names. Tom raves about the Venisson Stew that has given me many gastrogasms over the years and just looking at it, I feel like ditching everything and heading over for a portion. I’m overdue for a Najia Visit.
Here are the Original write-ups i did on it:

While you’re at it, read Tom’s excellent roundup of decent Beijing Duck (link) options in Beijing. He goes through the usual suspects ranking them and mentions a few of my favorites including Jingzun Peking Duck Restaurant. I’m slightly surprised not to see Xiao Wang Fu on there though. It seems like this perennial favorite has somewhat gone low profile over the past year. The picks are being debated intensely on weibo with over 150 forwards and comments already. check it out here: http://weibo.com/1986261782/xB4AT1REs. Feel free to read the old review for Jingzun that i wrote last year:

With winter hitting hard, one name that might be set to light Beijing Foodie scene ablaze is 中卫御苑福膳 Zhong Wei Yu Yuan Fu Shan in Haidian. This not so little eatery is making a name for themselves mixing healthy Chinese cuisine and Chinese medicine! Apparently, Medicine has never tasted this good. I haven’t been there yet but I do expect a interesting mix of tastes, textures and flavors like isatis leaf tossed with almonds or a lucid ganoderma Mushroom roll.

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