Food Editors Wanted in Beijing: Eat, Drink and Get Paid for it

Looks like some of our favorite expat rags need some help in the food/restaurant departments:
Food editor. This is a great opportunity for a foodie to eat, drink and get paid for it in a city bursting with new restaurants and old favorites:

Time Out Beijing is looking for an enthusiastic gourmand with a good grasp of the city’s dining scene. A love of Chinese cuisine and an encyclopedic knowledge of local food is a must. Candidates should preferably have previous magazine-writing experience. This is an in-house position and the successful candidate will be providing content for both Time Out Beijing magazine and its website. A willingness and desire to explore and discover new things is mandatory. To apply for this position, please send a CV and cover letter to Gareth Clark at gareth [at]

The Time Out gig mess replacing Lillian Chou, a former chef as well as Gourmet Magazine contributor. I met her a few times and she always came across as sharp, I-shoot-from-the-hip kinda person. Some of her work for timeout including her digging into Korean food or holes in the wall restaurants was pretty commendable. I’m gonna miss her contributions.

Thebeijinger is looking for an experienced and well-connected dining editor to cover the best in the capital’s f&b scene. Qualified applicants should be native English speakers, passionate about wining and dining, able to network extensively around the city and have over one year of experience writing and editing on a professional basis in related fields. Long-time Beijing experience and a commitment to eating your way around town highly preferred.
Send your cv and at least three dining related writing samples to editor [at]

The Beijinger hasn’t had much luck with food editors lately having to bring back old standby, Tom O’Malley, after he had already resigned. Tom’s dedication to hutong dining was commendable! He will be remembered for discovering gems like Da Li Ren Jia. His Burger wars and Pizza wars was an entertaining endeavor that left me shaking my head in disbelief sometimes but was ultimately good.

so… who wants the gigs?

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