Shark Fin Ban Gaining Momentum with Peninsula Annoucement

You can’t look at Chinese Food related news lately without seeing items about food quality or Shark Fin controversy. The later has been ongoing for quite sometime now with some big worldwide efforts to curb the practice with an end goal of protecting the marine ecosystem.

Unlike in 2005 when Disney “banned” Shark Fin from its menu but made previsions for people to still order it, companies are being stricter against the practice: The HK & S Hotel group, parent company of the Peninsula hotels, has decided to ban Shark Fin altogether from its properties effective January 2012.

The movement seems to really be gathering some steam as of late with California passing laws that should go into effect in 2013.

Here is really hoping that this ban makes a difference because so far, nothing has as certain populations refuse to give up on superstitions and old biliefs. I read sadly that Vietnam’s Rhino population has gone extinct with the last one killed recently for its horn. Same faith has fallen on Africa’s Black Rhinos and many species of tigers throughout Asia.

Maybe having this more direct corporate action will help alleviate the threat to Earth’s Biodiversity… or maybe it will just drive demand on the black market for it… Still, it is some sort of action that can be positive in the long run.

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