Chifan For Charity 2011: Gluttony with a Good Conscience – Ticket available now

GLuttony is one of the seven deadly sins according to some people… well, they didn’t have Chifan for Charity at the time or they might have changed they mind about it….

What is Chifan for Charity? basically a bunch of people and restaurants coming together to organize a giant fundraiser that benefits an organization in need. This year, the recipients are The Bethel Foundation and The New Hope Foundation , both well respected charitable institutions.

The event takes place in Beijing Saturday November 5th at a plethora of restaurant including Nola, Barolo, Kagen, Jaan, Black Sesame Kitchen just to name a few. The dinners are hosted by some of Beijing’s more prominent residents like author Martin Jacques…

It’s a fun opportunity to get together, sample some lovely creations by great chefs and help those in need… Gluttony with a good conscience baby!

Check out their website for more info on tickets, venues and the like:

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