Introducing: The Noodle Diaries

Well folks, this has been a long time coming…

What started two years ago as a simple blog about my adventures in Beijing ( has taken a life of its own, especially as things relate to music in Beijing. It has become increasingly difficult to fit the food posts in this this format for me with most readers now expecting Beijing and China music related news, reviews etc.… So this had to happen!

While ‘daze will remain the center of my music musings, along with whatever else I feel like blabbering about, new blog posts about food will all from now on appear on this site. This is an effort not to dilute any of the information (food or music related) and make sure they both get their respective spaces.

The noodle diaries will also explore my growing fascination with the universe of Asian Noodles, most specifically the Chinese variety….So please, update your bookmarks, share the news and tell your friends, food posts are back on the menu folks

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy eating everything i write about!


The Noodlehead

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