U.S. is looking to Beijing for advice on Food Safety?

That’s the title of a WSJ piece i came across today. I really had to read this headline a few times over, especially as someone living in China dealing with melamine scandals, recycled oil, fake eggs, fake beef and more…. Having lived in the USA and having tons of friends still there, I don’t usually hear them being worried about food safety except when it’s items imported from China. So what gives? really?

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From the WSJ: (see article here)

U.S. officials at the beginning of next year will seek China’s suggestions on how to implement the law’s requirements. They include a system to accredit private-sector inspectors and to create a documentation system for suppliers.

So China is doing apparently a bang up job in the field, with all the scandals?

The article goes on to say that:

Chinese officials have been strengthening oversight of food over the past few years

and just below, we can read:

China currently lacks enforcement of its food-safety laws and has an insufficient number of inspectors, said Li Tairan, a director of food safety at the Ministry of Health’s Bureau of Food Safety Integrated Coordination and Health Supervision, at a food-safety conference Wednesday.

Ok, Wall Street Journal…. WTF? you’re better than that!

Does it make any sense at all with all the facts and realities to say that the US or any Developed country would be seeking help from China? I would find it more believable to say that The U.S has approached China about maybe joint efforts to help both countries deal with the problem but more so on the Chinese side as local exports to the U.S are steadily increasing.
On the bright side of things, the WSJ headlines is milder that the one Food Quality News uses: “U.S Appeals to China for food safety assistance “
I expect better reporting out of the wall street journal but maybe it’s time to change those expectations… because as a source of comedy and entertainment, they’re doing a pretty good job

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