Hello 2019 – Let’s Noodle Again

So, I actually got lazy a while back and lost this domain name by accident back in 2014! Someone snagged it right up and it led to some weird Japanese personal blog! Somehow, today, it became available again just as i was being nudged to do this again! So i took it! So here we go again, all that was old is new!

This noodle head is still in Beijing and involved more than ever with food albeit Moroccan Cuisine. My consumption of Chinese food as gone substantially down because of work obligations and to some extent diet.. I went low carb, then KETO and that basically cut me off Noodles for a bit.

Still, I’m stubborn and addicted to that wheat & flour goodness!

Funny enough, last two Chinese meals i had were at two of my favorite restaurants: Xiao Yu Shan and then In&Out… both exquisite.

updates and ramblings will be upcoming but no promises yet!

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